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Your Sunsign : Virgo

Aug 22 - Sep 21
 Sign of Nature  The Critic
 Ruling Planet  Mercury
 Symbol  The Virgin
 Element  Earth
 Color  Navy Blue, Grey
 Metal  Mercury
 Gem Stone  Emerald, Sardonyx, Hessonite (Gomedha)
 Quality  Mutable (Dual)

You have a sharp intellect and are very methodical and precise, critical, analytical and normally possess a great sense of humour.

 Negative Points
You can be very critical of others along with yourself. You are a perfectionist and expect everyone else to be the same.

 Love Life
You are a dependable and sincere lover, cautious in love and normally do not make extravagant romantic gestures.

 Life Problem
You may suffer in love affairs and marital life. You may be defamed by enemies. You may have some problems in real estate. You are sentimental and peaceful and want to avoid unnecessary tension. You may suffer as a student and in career due to lack of hard work or planning.

Successful professions for you are related to travel, media communication, technology, education, art and science, event management, armed forces and police, management, health and hygiene, automobiles and aviation etc.

 Health (Possible Disorder)
Ailments concerning abdomen, intestines, nervous system, malnutrition, skin, and blood vessels. Since it is an earth element mixed with mercury it can easily cause intestinal infections, Hernia, Appendicitis and indigestion problems so take special care in food habits.

 Lucky Days
Lucky days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday respectively.

 Rules of Sunsign
  • If you were born on 22nd, 23rd, 24th or 25th of August, you are partly governed by the previous Zodiac sign i.e. Leo. Please read the details of Leo also, and add it with the above given reading of this Zodiac sign i.e. Virgo, so as to get a combined picture of your plus or minus points.
  • If you were born on 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st of September, you shall have comparatively more negative aptitude and stronger will of taking any bold step than those born on other dates i.e. 22nd August to 17th September of their own Zodiac Sign i.e. Virgo.

  •  Effects on Mankind
    It relates to Enemies, Opposition, Diseases, Tension, Disputes and Court cases, Legal or Social punishment. It relates to minus points of maternal uncle and In-laws. Main affected body parts are Intestines, System of Digestion & Stomach. Ailments concerning Abdomen, Intestines, Nerve System, Malnutrition, Skin, and Blood Vessels.

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