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Individual Consultation

Understand and Reach your Full Potential

Are you going in the right direction with your life? What are your strengths and your weaknesses? What areas of your character are underachieving? What can you do to improve your weaknesses and fully utilise your strengths?

Life is a struggle and a man survives by his efforts. So far success is concerned, it does not come by efforts alone, but also by one's stars. If stars do not favour, the efforts fail to achieve the desired results. In other words, the present efforts and favourable stars go side by side. Then there is another role of a third force and that is one's luck, if favorably inclined, the success comes across with normal work labor, otherwise the results flop at the last minute. The success combines the three forces, one's labor, favourable stars and one's luck.

When stars or luck are unfavorable, the native feels disturbed, depressed and frustrated, lose one's faith in labor. When his efforts fail continuously, he knocks the door of an Astrologer to help and guide, show or plan right time for him, which may give him better and positive results.

The problems are varied and concern education, career, marriage, affairs, litigation, injuries by accidents, diseases, enmity, business, travel, industries, land and property, wealth and position, status and inherited benefits, so on and so forth.

Life Changes

Looking to move home, get married, change jobs and so on? Occultastrology can inform you of the most opportune time to do so, the issues or obstacles you are likely to face along the way, while offering coaching to overcome them. This will enable you to pre-plan and ensure the most positive outcome of your life change.

Specific questions

Do you have specific areas of your life that you would like additional insight in to? Would you like to know the underlying issues of a particular relationship, the potential for a promotion in your career and so on? Occultastrology can provide awareness of the different elements at work and what you need to do to create the ideal situation that you are seeking. You are most welcome for individual consultations for any of your individual problems confronted by you at any stage of life.


Consultations are available at Occult Astrology office in Delhi, by E-Mail or via telephone.

Further information

Fees are available on request. All enquiries are received in strict confidence. To book an appointment with Swamy Raj, please telephone Shashi Kala on +91-11-26867125 or email service@occultastrology.com

Seek Consultation NOW!!!

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