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Occult Horoscopes

The Standard Occult Report is a compelling in-depth analysis of the inner self. This Report is based exclusively on the position and condition of the Moon and Sun at the moment of your birth. The Sun and Moon carry the most important influence according to Sarjatak Astrology. They represent your core personality, or inner self, which is almost unchangeable.

Occultastrology will generate the Occult Report based on the accuracy of the time of birth information. If you do not know the exact time of birth, then you will receive a shorter Occult Report.

Number of Pages (If you are sure of the date of Birth) : 6 - 8
Number of Pages (If you are not sure of the date of Birth) : 4 - 5

Occultastrology.com is offering the Occult Report for the best value of $3.95 or Rs. 175.00.

To send your Friend, Relatives their own personalized Occult Horoscopes personal compatability please click here.

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