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Ghost Removal

First of all, it is necessary to brief what ghosts are and how they develop negative power to damage the innocent beings.

When an ordinary person dies, he does not normally become a ghost. His spirit does not harm anyone. He suffers within unless his final divine gate opens to him or her at the right time and proper waiting.

Those professional people who generally become ghosts after death are given as under:
  • Ruthless Jail Hangers
  • Inhuman Butcher
  • Brutal Dacoit
  • Blood-thirsty person
  • Ferocious & Violent Female
  • Merciless Person (For poor, women and old)
  • Aimless Person
  • Unfeeling humane from Police Service
  • Stony-Hearted Person who tortures the poor & innocent
  • Cold-blooded Murderer
  • Traitor
  • Haunters of innocent Birds and Animals
  • Evil minded Devotee who worships Devil or preaches Black Magic through spirits to cause damage to the human being
  • Proud Cruel Man or Woman
  • Thieves of the innocent victims
  • Extra Greedy Person of all subjects
  • Cheat & Fraudulent person attacking the innocent
  • Builder of empire at the cost of poor and innocent
  • Disloyal Politician
  • Betrayer to friends, community or nation
  • Back stabber Person
  • Traitorous Woman or Disloyal lady
  • Opportunist
  • Treacherous Doctor
  • Cruel and Cunning Advocate, Judge or leader of the nation
  • Person who dies unnatural death by accident or killing.

Those persons in the above categories get the birth of Ghosts after their death and they have natural tendencies of getting quick powers within 180 days of their death thus become capable of causing damage to the innocent people. Normally they carry the same tendencies even as ghosts and operate in the same area and similar fashion and search for the same type of victims.

Mostly the ghosts occupy the houses of their choice and make them haunting premises for their own living. They roam about in that premises, dance there at night and haunt to harm others, since they become unfeeling spirit without any sympathy for anyone and they cause damage even to their own family members. Those normally carry this tendency after death who harm the family through spirits during their lifetime. They go to the kingdom of ghosts and become more powerful after death and try to damage even those who dare throw a challenge to undo the evil effects of their victims.

Some of the ghosts live in burial or cremation grounds. They always act unfriendly, unfeeling, indifferent and with negative attitude, damaging every good thing they see in others possessing it.


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