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Effects of Planets in different Zodiac Signs

When a child is born, it is affected by radiation of the planets in different Zodiac signs. When the effect of planets influence a new born child , it shapes its basic characteristics. For example, a child born in Leo, (solar month) shall be happy, cheerful, sunny with leadership qualities. If its rising sign is scorpio, it shall be truthful, secretive, sensual. If moonsign is Aries, it shall be hypersensitive, champion of underdogs, very creative and understanding. In this example, different effects of different planets give its own characteristics to the child, making it unique. That is why, no two humans are the same. Different Zodiac signs become responsible for a persons basic nature, intelligence, qualities and characteristics.

Brief relationship of Planets among themselves

Why is this that these planets benefit some people and harm others? The answer lies within their personal enemity. You can take example of a family which lives in a house with 12 rooms. Each room is occupied by one person. Some members of the family are friendly to each other, some are loving and others cant stand each other. Now, two siblings who are in nearby rooms, will help each other, if they are friendly. They shall quarrel if they clash. Similarly, you can imagine, the planets are also friendly, neutral or inimical to each other. The friendliness or enemity directly affects our destiny. Please memorise the chart given below:

Chart No.1 (Based on Sar-jatak System)

Name of Planet Friendly Planets Neutral Planets Enemy Planets
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Moon Sun, Mars, Jupiter Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu No enemy planets
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Saturn, Ketu Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Mercury Venus, Saturn, Rahu Sun, Moon, Ketu Mars, Jupiter
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Ketu Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Venus Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Moon, Jupiter Sun, Mars
Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu Moon, Mars Sun, Jupiter
Rahu Mercury, Venus, Saturn Moon, Ketu Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Ketu Venus, Saturn Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu Sun

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