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Horoscope Models

Model No. 1 of Horoscope:

In model No. 1 of horoscope you can see 12 divisions of signs. Each division has been marked with Zodiac sign No. & Name:

Model No. 2(a) of Horoscope:

Model No. 2(b) of Horoscope

In Model No. 2(b) below, we have given the names of the planets in each zodiac sign. The planets shown therein are the lords of their respective Zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign Zodiac No.1 Lord of the
Zodiac Sign
Aries Zodiac No. 1 Mars
Taurus Zodiac No. 2 Venus
Gemini Zodiac No. 3 Mercury
Cancer Zodiac No. 4 Moon
Leo Zodiac No. 5 Sun
Virgo Zodiac No. 6 Mercury
Libra Zodiac No. 7 Venus
Scorpio Zodiac No. 8 Mars
Sagittarius Zodiac No. 9 Jupiter
Capricorn Zodiac No. 10 Saturn
Aquarius Zodiac No. 11 Saturn
Pisces Zodiac No. 12 Jupiter

Model No.3 of Horoscope

The other type of horoscope showing the fixed Zodiac sign with their respective House Nos., as used in South India, is shown as under:

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