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Basic Astrology Lessons

If you have decided to learn astrology, you probably think you are taking on a challenge. It can seem like a daunting task, especially with all the jargon supplied by the books, newspapers and magazines with their overload of mind boggling information. But, if you concentrate on one lesson at a time, and strictly follow our system, we are confident you shall surely succeed.

Please read one chapter at a time, and only move on after doing your homework at the end of each chapter. You can also test yourself. If you think you are doing well, click on the next link, or go back to the previous link or return to Index to begin again.

Regularly testing yourself will give you a fair idea of your progress

 Table of Contents
  1. What is Astrology?
  2. About Sarjatak & Occult Astrology
  3. Zodiac Signs and Planets
  4. Effects of Planets in different Zodiac Signs (Cont'd...)
  5. Sky Maps (Nakshtras)
  6. Sub divisions of Sky Maps (Yoginis)
  7. The Twelve Houses in your Birth Chart
  8. Horoscope Models
  9. Overall Effects of Aries on Mankind, Life & Nature
  10. Overall Effects of Taurus on Mankind, Life & Nature
  11. Overall Effects of Gemini on Mankind, Life & Nature
  12. Overall Effects of Cancer on Mankind, Life & Nature
  13. Overall Effects of Leo on Mankind, Life & Nature
  14. Overall Effects of Virgo on Mankind, Life & Nature
  15. Overall Effects of Libra on Mankind, Life & Nature
  16. Overall Effects of Scorpio on Mankind, Life & Nature
  17. Overall Effects of Sagittarius on Mankind, Life & Nature
  18. Overall Effects of Capricorn on Mankind, Life & Nature
  19. Overall Effects of Aquarius on Mankind, Life & Nature
  20. Overall Effects of Pisces on Mankind, Life & Nature
  21. Effects of Planets in different Zodiac Signs
  22. Effects of Planets in different Zodiac Signs (Cont'd...)
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