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What is Sarjatak System of Astrology?

All the forecasts and perdictions in this site are based on the 'Sarjatak System of Occult Astrology' developed by one of the oldest, most experienced and eminent astrolger Dr. Raj Baldev who is popularly known as Swamy Raj.

He developed the 'Sarjatak System' not just as a means of fortune-telling, but as an exact guiding science based on ancient astrology. Unlike other systems of prophecy, this takes into account the birth chart, the family background,and also the environmental factors and surroundings.

Dr. Baldev has a large database of horoscopes, collected at a time period of 36 years. He has studied astrology and researched for over three decades to arrive at the following conclusions:

  1. The direct effects of planets & stars influencing the human being are 24 % basing on the then prevailing atmosphere of the planets, their distance from the Earth, impact of micrometeorite and magnetic fields and other elements prevailing during the birth of the child.

  2. The newly born child carries about 4% genes from his/her mother and 4% from his/her father. Total comes to 8%. 4% genes indicated here are from Sarjatak Destiny Circle which are equivalent to actual 32,000 genes equally held by father and mother i.e. 32,000 genes each. At the time of conception, these genes are mixed up and inherited by the child and he/she carries equal amount of 32,000 genes which go on transmitted from generation to generation without end. There is a general belief by the scientists that a human being carries between 26,000 and 40,000 genes. But astrologically under Sarjatak System we take 32,000 genes in human beings which shape their life and nature and causes various diseases.

  3. The child develops a sense of strategy either from his/her mother, or father or both. If mother's gene are stronger than that of the father, the child is more influenced by her, he inherits most of the qualities of mother including diseases. If father's gene are stronger, he/she gets more influence of father's qualities and inherit the style of his speech, appearance strategy etc. This is 8%.

  4. The native is influenced by the Earth maximum by 12% depending on its region and the country where born, or where he/she starts residing thereafter. This percentage is based on the economic and cultural conditions of the region.

  5. The native may get the advantage of maximum earning (labour) up to 8%. The calculation of 8 % is done in the way that its 1 % is equivalent to and starts from 0001 to 8000%, and its total 8 % comes to the maximum of 64000% based on the lowest unit of income of that region or country. This is worked out from the birth chart of the native along with the latest star position keeping in mind the economic and cultural condition of the region where born or where shifted to reside. This situation changes from time to time depending on the lowest income of that region or country and its local laws, or where the native later on shifts his residence .

  6. The family background or family stars play a significant role in the child's life and that can go up to 19%.

  7. The main and the foremost influence on mankind is that of DESTINY, which comprises two parts, Fortune and Destiny based on the karma (deeds) of the previous birth of the native and amounts to 21%. The percentage of destiny is worked out in the way that its 1 % is equivalent to starting from 0001 to 8000% and its 21% comes upto 168000%.

This has confidently equipped the Sarjatak System of Occult Astrology to predict the present or future of the native and to analyse all possible important and broad advance information about his or her business, partnership, service, affair, marriage, and other essential areas of life like education, health, dangers, enmity, litigation, areas of benefits and losses, so on and so forth.

This system of Astrology will give you 'higher percentage' results about your career, business, educational prospects, social life, love affairs, marital relationship, court cases, victory over enemies & opponents, travel and your progress in life.

Being armed with this information, before hand you can plan your future accordingly.

Last Updated: Sunday. Aug 1, 2010

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